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Russian women

  1. Why Russian women are searching for a foreign husband?
    The truth is that Russian women are not searching for a foreign husband foreign is not the key-word here, Russian women are searching for a husband, and for many of them it actually doesn't matter whether they will marry a man from Russia or a foreigner. Russian women come to the agencies and place their ads online on the International dating web-sites because there are many foreign men who search for a Russian wife. At the same time the life goes on, and if a Russian woman meets a worthy man in Russia who proposes marriage, she will marry him. Each woman is seeking stability with a nice, honest, faithful man to love, to marry, to establish serious relations and create a family. If this man is a from another country why not? For the sake of a good man a woman will go to the end of the earth.
  2. Why Russian women want much older man as a husband?
    The statement that Russian women are searching for an older man to marry is not actually right. Let's say it like this: a Russian woman would not mind marrying a foreign man who is much older than she. Women get mature younger than men ? it is determined physiologically. People in Russia in general get mature earlier because of hardships of life. And thus, physiologically and sociologically Russian women at 20-25 are as mature as Western men at 35-40. Looking at this problem from the point of view of the "demand and supply": who are the foreign men who search for a wife from Russia? Men of 40-50 and more years of age who divorced their western wife and do not want to date western women, or were busy with the career and because of the lack of time did not create a family, and think now its time to have that special woman at one's side. Foreign men of 25-35 (at least serious marriage-minded young men) are "rare birds" on International dating web-sites. Thus it is normal that a Russian girl of 20-25 would say in her profile that she doesn't mind a husband 15-20 years older. But the main thing is that a man should realize whether he will be able to fulfill desires of much younger partner, both physiological needs like regular sex and sociological like active life, meetings with friends, discos and night clubs.
  3. Why so many young Russian brides in your catalog?
    Traditionally, Russians marry in young age, it is considered that a woman at 25 should be married, and mothers start worrying about a girl not being married when she is 18. Those girls who found a worthy guy in Russia are lucky, as there are not so many nice guys in Russia nowadays. Lonely girls consider an opportunity to meet and marry a foreigner. As it was said above, Russian women get mature at young age and quite ready to create a family being 20-25. The circle of communication of a Russian girl is limited to the people of her age, and young 20-25 year old men are not ready for serious relations and family life (those guys who were ready are married already).Thus a girl comes to the marriage agency and her data appears on different dating web-sites.
  4. Why Russian women do not use free web-sites?
    There are several reasons why Russian women prefer to use marriage agency services but not free web-sites. First of all, a great number of women do not have computer and Internet access, do not know how to work in the Internet and place an ad on the dating web-sites, do not know how to find such web-sites. They come to the agency where professional staff help and advise about correspondence with foreign men. Another factor is English speaking ability: though English is taught at school, not many people need a foreign language in their everyday life; so all knowledge got at school and in the University vanish from woman's head as soon as she finishes studying. You will find quite a lot of younger women with middle level of English, and very few women after 30 who speak English (unless they need the language every day at work). Money: the services of many international dating agencies are free for women because it is a man who pays for everything. The last but not the least factor to be named here is serious men. Yes, it is believed that is a man pays for correspondence he is serious about every letter he writes, and if he contacts a woman he is really serious about developing long-term relations with her but not just having fun in the internet.
  5. Why so many Russian women do not speak English?
    The answer is simple they do not need it. Or, actually, did not need to speak English before they decided to marry a foreign husband. But even being a client of the marriage agency and corresponding with foreign men a Russian bride does not know whether she will marry an English-speaking man. Among Russian brides there are a lot of women for whom marrying a foreigner and moving to a foreign country to live better life is not the key factor at all. They are just searching for a husband, and online dating is not the worst method of search. Correspondence is only a means to get acquainted with the man and get to know each other better. And when a man and a woman meet in reality, like each other and decide to marry ? then the woman starts learning the language, as she is going to move to the country where people speak different language and she will need this language to communicate with people.
  6. Why Russian women in your catalog are so beautiful?
    First of all, Russian women and Slavic women in general are famous for their beauty. And, secondly, what you see in the pictures in our catalog is in most cases the best women can look. They wear nicest clothes in which they look pretty, they do make-up, pose in front of the mirror to show most attractive parts of their body, look through women magazines to see how models pose for professional photographers and try to do the same. Women often make several sets of photos for the online catalog, most daring girls make provokative pictures, and all this with only purpose to attract man's attention.
  7. Why Russian women use professional photos?
    First of all, as it was said above, Russian women want to attract man's attention, and competition in the Internet is very high, as you see. So, women go to professional photo studios to make good pictures. Secondly, the agencies prefer to work with professionally made pictures because of their high quality: photos made with professional photo-camera have good quality that is not lost after scanning of the pictures, resizing and re-sampling them.
  8. Why your Russian brides are also on other websites?
    We do not forbid Russian women to be clients of different marriage agencies and dating services in their native cities as we can't deprive them of their right to choose, and thus one Russian girl can be a client of all marriage agencies in her native city, and the number of such marriage agencies can vary depending on the size of the city - from 2-4 in smaller cities to hundreds in capitals or big regional centers (like Kiev, Moscow, Kharkov). Besides, one and the same local marriage agency can be affiliated/cooperate with different web-sites/agency networks, and this way even if a Russian woman is a client to only one marriage agency in her native city, her profile and photos may be posted to many different Russian women web-sites.
  9. Are Russian women in your catalog real?
    Yes, all our women are real, their identity is checked by the local marriage agencies. The local marriage agencies who participate in our affiliates program are obliged to ask for woman's ID (usually it is her passport), and have a copy of this ID at hand (as a scan or xerox copy) at the agency. We often ask to provide us with this copy to make sure that information in the profile (name, date of birth, marital status) is right. If you are doubtful whether a woman is real, contact us and tell which proves of her existence you want. Sometimes local agencies photograph a woman in their office with a sign "I am real", so men can compare a woman in the pictures for profile and woman in real life.
  10. What does English level in girl's profile mean?

    In lady's profile is written that her English level is middle. She told me that she does not know English and if I visit her we will need a translator. What does English level in girl's profile mean?

    no knowledge - doesn't know English at all, needs translation both ways

    beginner - started to learn English, or learned it at school long ago, needs translation both ways

    using dictionary - can translate a written text with the help of dictionary, needs translation both ways

    middle level - understands written text, knows some general phrases, can understand what you say, but can't express her thoughts in English

    almost fluent - does not need translation, can read, write, speak English, but with some mistakes

    fluent English - can read, write, speak English without mistakes

    Note that the level of English is evaluated by the lady herself.

Marriage agency

  1. Why Russian women use services of the marriage agency?
    Russian women prefer marriage agencies to free web-sites for several reasons. First of all, they consider men who pay for agency services are more serious about meeting the right partner. Secondly, to use services of the agency is convenient for women: it is the agency that searches for serious web-sites with foreign men and posts women profile to the web-sites; the agency checks daily whether there are new messages for a woman, calls her and informs about new letters, translates letters for women, gives a woman possibility to browse men online catalog at the agency and sends woman's introduction letter to the men she chooses. And all this is absolutely free. A woman, who is hardly familiar with the internet, just would not be able to find enough time for this. All she has to do is come to the agency, pick up her mail and leave her replies; when it is convenient for her agree with the agency personnel about browsing the men catalog.
  2. Why should I use your services?
    We do not make any of the men to use our services - if you decide to become our client it is only your decision. You need our services if: - you are serious in your intentions to find a pretty woman from Ukraine or Russia to marry; - you want to be sure that a woman you communicate with is real and sincerely interested in you; - you think that "free cheese is only in a mouse-trap" and understand that it is better to pay for the high-quality service, than to get access to thousands of outdated profiles at some free web-site; - you clearly realize that search in the Internet for a wife from Russia is not an easy way to go, and not a short one either. At order-brides.com you find all you need - catalog with profiles and photos of beautiful single women, opportunity to contact these women and establish serious relations, experienced and supportive staff ready to help you. You find everything in one place, and you can go with order-brides.com from the beginning - online introduction - through Internet dating, correspondence, phone conversations - to personal meeting with your girl-friend from Russia or Ukraine and marriage.
  3. Why do you charge men but do not charge women for your services?
    First of all, we take as our motto that "Gentlemen pay for everything!" Perhaps, in the West this tradition is dying, but in the FSU a woman takes it as a must that when a man is courting her he pays all expenses connected with dating, like dinners at the restaurants, visits to the cinema, taxi, vacation together, etc. In case with Internet dating a woman expects a man to pay for the services of the agency they both use. Secondly, it would be rather expensive for a woman to pay for letters and translation even if we shared the charges between men and women. But when you pay for your correspondence you can be sure she will never say she can't reply because she has no money to pay for Internet and translation.
  4. How do you find women profiles for your web-site?
    We are affiliated with many Russian and Ukrainian marriage and dating agencies. These marriage agencies advertise their services in their native cities and invite women interested in serious relations with foreigners to come to the office and fill in an application. Local marriage agencies also make pictures of the women, or send them to a professional photographer to do a photo session. Then the local dating agency translates woman's application, and posts woman's information to various International dating web-sites. Services of the local dating agency are free for women.
  5. How can I contact you?
    There are several ways how you can contact order-brides.com Support Team. If you are not registered yet, we advise you to use the contact us form: thus you ensure that your message does not get lost due to the spam-filters settings. If you have an account at order-brides.com, please, always contact us through Contact Center: you should log in to your account and find this link. With this feature communication with the web-site administration will be fast and efficient, as no messages will be lost in the process of communication, and rightly chosen category for your question will get your message to the appropriate department; besides, both you and web-site manager will be able to see the history of each topic. Contact Center will fasten the process of solving any problems you may have.
  6. Where is your office situated?
    Our head office is situated in Mariupol, Ukraine. Thus it is easier for us to verify contact information of the Russian and Ukrainian women in our catalog and coordinate work with local marriage agencies, because our office working hours are the same as working hours of the local marriage agencies, so we can quickly solve any problem on the phone, calling a girl or an agency in question.


  1. What do I pay for?
    You pay for the services of our agency, namely: email forwarding, photo forwarding, gift delivery. You pay only when you use our services, registration to our web-site is free.
  2. What is a POINT?
    A POINT is a conventional monetary unit, so to say, order-brides.com currency. You buy POINTs that allow you to use our services. POINTs are added to your account at order-brides.com, and then deducted from this account each time you open or send a letter though the site, receive or send an additional photo using our photo-forwarding services, send an Inquiry, order a gift to be delivered.
  3. Why do you use POINTs but not real money?
    POINTs allow us to manipulate with the costs of one piece of service, i.e. the more POINTs you buy, the less 1 POINT costs you (it is always cheaper to buy in bulk). Plus, we can easily offer discounts for multiple POINTs for our subscribers.
  4. How do I keep tracking of my account?
    You have a special section in your account called Account History. Every time you buy POINTs, this is recorded in your Account History. Then, every piece of service for which you use your PONTs is reflected there, for example "-1 POINT Read letter from lady ID" or "0,25 POINTs send Inquiry for lady ID".
  5. How do I send payment?
    You can pay for our services (buy POINTs for your account) online using your credit card: log in to your account with login and password you received when registered; go by the link "Buy POINTs"; choose the method of payment (credit card); choose how many POINTs you want to buy; complete your credit card details. If you want to buy Service Package, on the second step you should choose "Buy Service Package".
  6. Is it safe to give my credit card details online?
    Yes, it is perfectly safe. You do not pay through a Ukrainian bank, you complete your credit card information on a secure order page of our payment service provider for credit card orders with VISA / MasterCard licenses and 3D Secure protocol.
  7. When I pay, how long does it take for POINTs to be added to my account?
    Online payments are processed in real-time and funds are added to your account at our website automatically. If you choose to pay by money transfer or to a bank account you will have to wait from 2 to 7 business days till we receive the money and will add funds to your account at our site.
  8. Is it possible to send money by Global Money Tranfer?
    If for some reasons it is more convenient for you to send money by Global Money Tranfer, you can do it. Contact us to get details for this payment; do NOT send money for order-brides.com, we will not be able to receive it.
  9. What does Pay using saved payment data mean?
    Using saved data for future payments will help you to save time on filling in your contact details in our secure payment form. If you have already used this function, then next time you pay you will be automatically redirected to the page with fields "Card Number", "Your cardholder name", "Card Expiration Date" and "Card Security Code" - this information for reasons of safety is processed only on the secure payment server of the processing company and is not saved anywhere and not disclosed to anyone. We save only the type of the card you used for payment (VISA, Mastercard etc), and last four digits of your card (for your convenience if you use several cards).

    If the contact details you saved on the web-site (email, phone number, address) have changed you should just click button "Paymethod / Country - Change" on the page where you insert your card data and change the information as needed. The web-site will automatically renew the data saved for this card after your payment is completed.

    If you do not want our web-site to save any of your information, choose "Don't save my info" in the list, in this case no data will be saved and all previously saved cards will be removed.

    You can start using this function anytime you wish by choosing "Other/new Card". You also can choose this line in the menu if you want to pay with the card that has not been saved yet.
  10. Payment limits?
    We would like to attract your attention to payment limits that may be applied to your credit card: the number of transactions or amount allowed for a single card in a given time period is limited by our authorized Sales Agent:
    Daily limit: max total amount: 5000, max number of transactions: 10
    Weekly limit: max total amount: 7000 max number of transactions: 20
    Monthly limit: max total amount: 10000 max number of transactions: 30
    Keeping in mind the limit for max number of transaction for a given period of time for one card you can use several credit cards to pay for our services, but we would recommend you a better way out: make payments for a larger amount with one payment and you will get the same amount of POINTs or chat minutes for lower cost and will be using your card less often.

Service Package

  1. What benefits Service Package gives me?
    Service Package is not unlimited correspondence. If you buy Service Package you will get 10 free Inquiries monthly, 20 free videos monthly, and discounts for POINTs if you buy POINTs for email forwarding.
  2. If I buy Service Package do I get free correspondence?
    No, Service Package is not free correspondence. You will have to pay for letters usual 0,25 of a POINT for an introductory letter and 1 POINT for sending a letter or opening a reply, BUT as a subscriber you get discounts for POINTs, thus reducing the cost of 1 POINT and, consequently, 1 letter.
  3. I bought 3 months Service Package, watched 20 videos, why I can't watch more?
    Videos and Querys are added to your account every month of your Service Package automatically the same day when your Service Package was registered. For example, if you bought 3 months Service Package on the 5th of May, you will receive 20 videos and 10 Querys on the 5th of June, and 20 videos and 10 Querys on the 5th of July.
  4. If I do not use all Inquiries with the Service Package term, will they expire?
    Yes, if your Service Package term ends and you still have unused postal addresses and Inquiries they will expire. But IF before your Service Package ends you buy new Service Package, your Service Package term is prolonged and your addresses and Inquiries do not expire.

Inquiry Notes

  1. Why send Inquiries instead of letters?
    The main reason would be the cost of the Inquiry: an Inquiry is 4 times cheaper than a letter, and in general has the same effect as a first letter - attracts woman's attention to your profile and personality and tells her about your interest. The disadvantage of an Inquiry is that it is a standard note, you can't change it and add special words you would like to say to a girl you liked.
  2. Why in reply to my Inquiry a girl says she did not see my photo when I have posted one to my profile?
    This can happen in such case: you uploaded a picture for your profile, but our photo-editor has not yet resized the pictures and your photos are not available for the women to view them. That is why we would advise you to wait up to 24 hours after you upload pictures for your profile, and only then start sending Inquiry notes.
  3. Why my Inquiry is replied so fast?
    Inquiries are usually replied faster than letters, because all the agency should do is to show your profile to the woman, and the woman should only tell yes or no as to her wish to correspond with you. In case with letters your letter should be translated for the woman, delivered to her, she needs time to read it and think it over, then write her reply and the agency needs time to translate it. When man's profile is without a picture, all the agency should do is call the woman and read your profile to her on the phone. That's why your Inquiry can be replied within hours.

Email forwarding

  1. Can men and women exchange direct contact information in letters?
    Yes, men and women can exchange postal addresses and phone numbers in letters sent through our email forwarding system, but only after 5 letters. Men and women can not exchange emails, emails are automatically deleted from the letters.
  2. Why I can't give my email address in a letter to a woman?
    As you know, we work with different local marriage and dating agencies. Some of these agencies may try to promote their own services, and spam known addresses of men who are ready to pay for translation and letter forwarding. Besides, women who address the agency do not have direct emails, and in most cases you would get agency's email address in a woman's letter. One more thing is, if we allowed to exchange emails this would encourage our competitors to exploit the system by posting fake profiles, solicit your email address, and use it for their own marketing purposes.
  3. When do I expect reply to my letter?
    Letters sent through our email forwarding system are usually replied rather fast: our statistics shows that 75% of letters are replied within the first week. With the purpose to make your correspondence faster many agencies now dictate men's letters to women on the phone, and get women's replies the same way. But some women prefer to think over their replies to men which may cause the delay.
  4. Why I have not received a reply to my letter?
    If you contact a woman for the first time and she doesn't want to correspond with you, we ask the agencies not to send refusal letters from women, so men would not pay for opening such letters. Sometimes women reply letters with delay, being busy and not having time to come to the agency and bring their replies. So, do not worry much if you do not get woman's reply within days, wait a little.
  5. Is there a limit to the number of characters in a letter?
    Yes, we do have a limit to the number of characters in one letter: 10000 characters.
  6. Where do I get my letters?
    All letters women from order-brides.com write you arrive to your Inbox. Inbox is an area of your account where you can see letters sent to you by the women. All incoming letters are sorted according to the date they were sent. You can see an "icon" of the girl who wrote you. Next to the thumbnail photo of the woman you see short information about her: woman's name, ID, age, and city she lives in. By clicking on this icon you will be able to view detailed profile of the lady (which by default will be opened in the same window). You can also see information about the letter: the date when this letter was sent by the woman's local agency, whether or not you have opened this letter (note: if you once opened a letter you are never charged second time for opening the same letter), and status of this letter. Status of the letter shows whether it is an introductory letter of the lady (First letter - 0.25 POINT), reply from the lady to your letter (Status: Answer 1 POINT). So, if you would like to open a letter you should only click open/read this letter link below. If you are not going to read the letter you can delete it by clicking "Delete this letter from Inbox" link. The letter then will go to Trash folder in your member area. Letters from the Trash are deleted automatically in 60 days. Until a letter is deleted from Trash folder you can restore it to your Inbox and read it.
  7. How do I reply a letter?
    When you opened a letter in your Inbox, read it and want to reply, there is a button "Reply" under the text of the message. When you click this button, a window for composing a new message opens. You can type the text of your letter there. If you are going to send a long letter, we would advise you to compose it in a text document, and then to copy and paste it into the text area on the web-site.
  8. How do I send a letter to a woman I liked?
    You can send a letter to a woman from the woman's profile page by clicking "Email me now" button. If you are not logged in to your account, you will be asked to login. If you do not have enough funds on your account for writing a letter, you will be notified about it.
  9. Why the letters I receive are generic?
    It is a common procedure for men and women place a profile on the international dating web-site and then contact potential partners with a letter about oneself. Such letter is usually called a letter of introduction. This letter is usually composed only once, and then sent to many addressees with the hope to get replies and start correspondence. A letter of introduction is generic as it gives details about the person who wrote it, but does not deal with the profile of the person to whom this letter is sent.
  10. Are the letters sent by a woman or by the agency?
    The letters are sent by the agency, but written by the woman. You should understand, that it is the agency equipment that is used for typing and sending the letter, it is the agency personnel who translates, types and sends woman's letter. The woman only writes her letter to the man.
  11. I do not want to get notifications about letters, what should I do?
    You should simply change your Account Options for this: log in to your account, go to the Account Options, choose whether you want to get notifications about letters and how often (every time a letter arrives to your Inbox, once a day or once a week informing how many letters you received within the given period), or you do not want to get notifications about letters at all.
  12. Why do I receive so many letters?
    You get many letters because we have many marriage-minded women in our catalog, who actively search for a foreign husband, and regularly browse men online catalog at their local agencies. Newest men get more letters than men whose ad has been in the catalog for a while, and it is only natural: both new women and women whose profiles were uploaded some time ago but who still continue searching will send letters to new men. Taking into consideration that we have 100 and more new women weekly, theoretically each new man may get up to 100 letters every week.
  13. I would like to know if there is a limit to the number of words or characters allowed when emailing a lady for the cost of one POINT?
    For 1 POINT you can send a letter up to 10000 symbols long (approximately one sheet of paper when the letter is printed), every 100 symbols over 10000 cost 0.02 of a POINT. If your letter exceeds this number of characters, you will be asked whether you want to pay extra or make your letter shorter.
  14. Can I send a photo attached with my e-mail?
    Yes, you can attach photos to the letters you send to Russian women using our e-mail forwarding system. To forward 1 photo costs 0.5 POINT. The girl can send you her additional photos as well; it is the same 0.5 of a POINT for opening each additional photo from a girl.


  1. How can I be sure that all girls in your database are real?
    We do guarantee that women at order-brides.com are real. If you have doubts that a girl you see in our women catalog really exists, you can write us and tell what proofs of the existence you need. Usually, a local agency will make a photo of a woman holding a sign "Hello, I am real". The easiest way to check whether a woman is real - and not so humiliating for a woman - is to order a gift delivery with a photo on delivery.
  2. What kind of a background check do you do?
    We do not check woman's background. We only check woman's ID (passport) to make sure that this woman is who she says she is, her date of birth is right (older women often ask local agencies whether it would be possible to lie a little about the actual age, thinking the profile would attract more men is it says a woman is younger), marital status, children, address of registration.
  3. Women from your database say they do not know English. Is it a scam?
    Not at all. Bad knowledge of English is one of the main reasons why a woman posts her profile to the internet through a marriage agency. Note, if you correspond using the agency services, all letters are translated from English into Russian and vice versa, thus no woman would ask you to send you some money to pay for translation of the letters.
  4. A woman I write to signs her letters with a name that differs from her profile. Is it a scam?
    It is rather common that for a profile on the web-site a woman uses full variant of her name, while signs her letters with a short variant, for example, Anastasiya - Nastya, Nataliya - Natasha, Elena - Lena, Kseniya - Ksyusha, Tatyana - Tanya, Irina - Ira, Svetlana - Sveta, etc. If you have doubts about the name of a woman, always contact us.

Conference Call

  1. How much does the Conference Call cost?

    Base Price of Phone Call - 6 POINTs*

    * 15 minutes of call included. If you talk more than 15 minutes, each additional minute will cost 0.25 of a POINT.

  2. How does the Conference Call work?

    You can arrange a conference call with any lady in our database by clicking "Call me" button. To reserve a conference call with a lady you should fill in the Conference Call reservation form, where you indicate your Time Zone, desirable date and time of your conversation with the lady, your phone numbers (it is obligatory to indicate main phone number, additional phone number is optional) and Skype ID (optional; if we are able to organize the conference call calling you by Skype, you will get 1 POINT of your deposit back). After you indicate your Time Zone you will be able to see what time in your time zone is available for organizing the conference call with the lady considering the time difference.

    After receiving your Conference Call reservation form we contact the lady and confirm the date and time with her. If your preferred date and time doesn't suit the lady, we will offer you other time options, and find date and time suitable for both of you. On the arranged date and time our operator will contact you and the lady, and translate your phone conversation.

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